Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Work In Progress - Sketching

"Japanese Bobtail" 

 Almost two weeks ago a fellow Etsy seller sent me a message after seeing my "Japanese Bobtail" art. She told me the way the cat looks is exactly what her rescued 5 months old Japanese bobtail does. She shared with me her YouTube records and some photos of the beautiful cat. One of the cat's legs had to be removed at 12 weeks because of her birth time severe trauma. Although I felt very sorry about what happened to the cat, I am very happy to know that the cat is happily living with the loving owner now. The cat's name is "Keiki"...., hey, my name is "Keiko"! It is such an amazing coincidence that she found my art under a search and we had the similar names.

It made me want to create a collage of Keiki so I asked her permission to refer the photos she sent me.

Here is my work in progress for today: Sketching

Sketch of Keiki 

Photos and YouTube link of Keiki :)

She is such an adorable kitty<3

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