Sunday, June 30, 2013

Strawberry Project

 Seattle's summer time is back here again! We started to have beautiful sunny days recently, and my husband and I drove to a strawberry farm in Arlington, WA, on last Friday.

 I sensed great berry scent coming from the field as soon as we arrived there.

 We hopped on a cart to get to the pick-up spot and started to pick up strawberries. I love it when the hull of berry was split from the vine with a pop. We gathered plenty of strawberries for two.  The freshest strawberries we tried there couldn't be tastier.

 Next day in the morning, we had a strawberry breakfast with this really good, locally made scone.

 Also I made strawberry jam for the first time in my life (following a recipe) yesterday, and had it for today's breakfast. Mmmmm.... I did a great job!

 Now there are great portion of strawberries that already got too soft to eat, and these are kept frozen for my next project, which is strawberry dye on paper. I will post how it turned out when I have done :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Display Samples of My Arts

 I created my arts display samples with an awesome app from Ariana Falerni Design. It is a very useful app and I enjoyed creating all the samples with my arts.  The shown below are what I created.  These samples can be found on each item listing on my official website and Etsy shop.

BlessHue's Display Samples of My Arts by Keiko Suzuki album on Photobucket

Friday, June 7, 2013

Looking Back SURTEX 2013

 It has been over two weeks since SURTEX 2013 ended. It was the first time for me to exhibit at the show, and I really had a great experience there. I was blessed with great booth location where it was surrounded by kind and friendly veteran exhibitors' booths, and stopped by wonderful visitors. It was also exciting to have been able to meet the people who I only knew online, in person.
 Actually I can not remember any people who were not nice while we were in NYC. My husband and I got to know many people during the 9-day stay in the city. Many many thanks to whom all we have met there for being such nice people and making our stay in NYC so much fun!

 It was true that the show takes a lot of time, money, and work to exhibit, but it is worth exhibiting as mentioned by many SURTEX exhibitors on their blogs, etc.  My network was expanded, my knowledge and software skill were developed, and more inspirations were poured in.

 I found many softwares in preparing for the show, and the followings became the most handy tools for me:

Mockup made with SketchUp

Real Booth at SURTEX 2013

And we are considering exhibiting at the show again!