Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Autumn DIY - Twig Vase Making

 I just want to share this easily doable and eco-friendly DIY project that is fun to do in the new season.  I found the DIY tutorial on Martha Stewart's Blog and I made three of them last year. They nicely blend into my nature-themed decor.

What you need are a bunch of small twigs, an empty can (like for veggies, beans etc.), a  glue gun (or a very strong glue),  a set of scissors (something to cut twigs),  a ruler, and  a rubber band.
The tutorial I referred can be found here.

Instead of using as vase I use them as hair brush holder, potpourri holder, and make-up items holder.

Here are what I made. I tied up some shells I had with jute twines around the twig vases.

Fossil blog shows  a similar tutorial with twigs but they made candle holders, that are also very cute.

So next time when you go to a park, maybe you can gather twigs for this fun DIY:)

Have  a wonderful day!

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