Monday, July 18, 2016

Let's Create A Portrait of Your Beloved Pet Together!

I love to create custom pet portraits. It gives me a sense of collaborating with a customer.

Recently I worked with a customer to create a portrait of her friend's pet dog recently passed away.

The customer wanted to give the portrait as a gift for her best friend in mourning.

She found me online through one of my prints she had gotten from her friend as a gift.

I felt very honored to be chosen by her to create a pet portrait for her special friend.

After receiving many photos and hearing memorable stories of the pet dog from her, I drew several sketches for her to choose from.

After a sketch was selected, I started to create the portrait. In the meantime, we exchanged messages to update my progress.

Because the email system had caused some undelivered email troubles between us, we communicated by texiting on the phone.

I enjoyed communicating on text much more than on email because it felt more timely and personal that way.

I also tried video shooting with my phone to show the portrait making process later. With the new iPhone holder I got, it made filming so much easier than using a camcorder.

2 weeks and a half later, the portrait was delivered to her friend. The customer texted me a sweet message telling me how much her friend liked it.

It is always such a fantastic experience being able to create an art with my customer.

Rest in peace, Snuggles.