Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Favorite Plant Shop, Midnight Blossom

 The sun came back in Seattle again. My husband and I went for drive and ended up in Ballard, one of many cool districts in Seattle. We stopped by my favorite plant shop named 'Midnight Blossom' before having lunch. We started to visit this cool shop to find succulents, air plants, and foliage from time to time after recommended by word-of-mouth about a year ago. They have an Etsy shop known as 'MIDNIGHTinSEATTLE' and sell part of their shop items too:-)

 The shop is run by a very sweet couple, Amoreena and Matt Herbage. (Their last name looks like meant-to-be a plant shop owner, isn't it?) Their beautifully designed nature-inspired shop interior makes me want to stay there forever! Their shop itself is really a piece of art, made of their love. When I asked how to take care of plants, Amoreena took time to explain about each plant I was to purchase.  They are an easygoing couple and the time can easily pass as one conversation flows to the next. Even though they are busy with handling orders, they sincerely listened to us and kept smiling. 

Here are the pictures of this sweet couple and their lovely shop.

Amoreena and Matt




 Their terrariums are all beautifully made, and their unique decorating items such as specimen of insects, driftwood pieces, unique shells and stones brought back from California, Marimo (Japanese moss balls), wedding arrangements, and Matt's hand-made wood shadowbox make their shop more distinctive than most of places to get green decorations for home. No wonder they are 5-star rated on Yelp.

 These are what we purchased this time :)

 Thank you very much, Amoreena and Matt, and we will come back again!

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