Monday, July 23, 2012

Air Plant Babies

I love air plants. I put tillandsia here and there in our living room and bathroom. They are very easy to take care and complete my nature-themed decorating.

Here are some of them.

The other day I took them out to water, and found out I have two "expecting" air plants.
One of them has been very fertile and she already gave birth two pups, but another one was very unexpected for me to happen just because there has been no sign at all. It was a great surprise for me when I saw it.

This is it. The tiny one sticking to the bottom. Isn't it cute?

And this is the fertile one with two kids and another two more (!) expected.

Once they grow up enough on their moms, it is time for them to be separated from the moms, and be part of my decors:-)

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