Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Errands With My Own Creations

 I learned that one of the ideas to do advertising is carring own works with shop name & URL link on them. So, I made several items to practice it.  I made grocery totes, button pins, and a bumper sticker on Zazzle with my design on them, and I have been enjoying going on errands with them these days.

 Oh the bumper sticker is too girly for my husband's car to be permanently attached, so I am considering making it to be easily removable with magnet sheet on it.

I hope this is working somewhere I have been :-D


  1. Wrong spelling found.... "bumber sticker" -> "bumper sticker" :o)

  2. You can edit messages and correct errors.
    (Just click the yellow pen! ;-))

    Cool works! I've just discovered your blog.

  3. Hello Una, Thank you for visiting my blog!
    I also appreciate the advice and the sweet comment:)