Monday, April 18, 2016

Whimsical Beach Themed Dog Arts in Bright Pop Colors

After finishing total 11 pieces of the new artwork, I realized that these arts fully show who I am. When I started to create this new collection "Beach Dogs", all the elements I love surged through my mind: dogs, bright boho colors, and playfulness.

I had been avoiding using the part of color pieces filled with advertising letters or mixed patterns in the past. But when I saw these pieces in creative point of view, it opened up a new door for me to express more humor in my artwork. In addition, I decided to use more bright colors and article part of newspapers.

As results, these new pieces were born.

Beach Dog collection, Series 1: "Dog On Paddle Board"

Yellow Labrador On Paddle Board

Chocolate Labrador On Paddle Board

Black Labrador On Paddle Board

Golden Retriever On Paddle Board

Beach Dog collection, Series 2: "Dog At Beach" - Some fun words can be found on the umbrella of each piece ;)

White French Bulldog At Beach 

Black French Bulldog At Beach

Brindle French Bulldog At Beach

Cream French Bulldog At Beach

Fawn French Bulldog At Beach

Fawn Pied French Bulldog At Beach

Black And White Pied French Bulldog At Beach

These 11 pieces are currently available ONLY through this link in print matted to 14" x 11" as pre-order special for USD30 and free shipping within USA / flat shipping USD12 outside of USA till the end of April 23, 2016 PST. After the date, the price will be set to USD35 and will be listed on my website & Etsy shop.

Hope you like them!

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