Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SURTEX 2013, 61 Days to Go!

SURTEX, "the show" for art licensing is getting closer and closer. I am exhibiting first time, and I have been learning a lot about art licensing, booth designing, press kit preparation etc... , the things to learn are uncountable, but I have been enjoying all these learning process.

My banners are now on the SURTEX marketplace and top of the directory on the website.  'Wow, I am going to be There...!' is the only word comes up in my mind with a mildly quickened heartbeat when I see those banners.

If you are attending SURTEX 2013 show, please come and visit me at booth no. 525.  I will be there with my husband :)

Now I should get back to preparing for the show!

 - The banners on the SURTEX website -

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