Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cool Shoe Box Transformation

A Happy New Year!
I hope you will have a wonderful 2013 filled with happiness and prosperity.

My first post of this year is what I DIYed the end of last year. I like to reuse things such as newspapers ( ;) ), boxes, twines, and bags and so on before discarding if they have any "potentials".  And there was this one shoe box I was temporarily using to put all small electronic items like a camcorder, an iPod, some digital cameras etc. in one place since it was a perfect size for them.  It was on our shelf as-is but I really wanted to do something to the box so it will blend in the surrounding decoration.

shoe box

Then I happened to have found this beautiful Washi paper at a Japanese book & stationery store I stopped by on my errand,  so I decided to use it to cover the box with it.

Washi paper

The one sheet of the Washi paper covered the shoe box perfectly. However, it still need 'something' to completely match to my nature-themed & oriental interior decor.

Then this idea came up from a bamboo lunch basket on my wishlist - adding a toggle. (*This shoe box lid is connected to open one-side.)

I used one of my twigs from stock (collected at a park), tied it with a jute twine, then attached it to bottom of the box and added a loop of braided jute on the lid.


I am happy about how it turned out. The little addition of natural piece made a difference :)

finished looks