Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Work In Progress - After Sketching To Finishing

Please watch out and stay healthy everyone!  I had been under the weather over a week, and the only activity my body had allowed me to do was staying in bed.... Now I am so appreciative for being able to do things again.

The work of  Keiki, the cute bobtail cat, is finished and I would like to show rest of the process after sketching :)

I pick up a color from my newspaper stock to use for the cat . 

This is a cutout of the copied sketch. 

Place the cutout on the chosen newspaper. 

Using a pointy tool like below I lightly trace the outline of the cat cutout.  

Dip a small size water-color brush into water. 

Water over the traced line.

 Tear off the shape. 

Using the pointy tool used earlier, draw eyes and shape of mouth. 

Take the inner shapes of the eyes out after tracing the shapes with the watered brush. 

I found good colors for the eyes and the ears :D

This is a starch glue. 

Mixed with equal portion of water. 

 This color is glued behind the each ear. 

The yellow is glued behind the eyes. This is how it look from behind. 

 Flipped over. 


Pupils added:)

A little fast-forward, the shadow, the nose, and more details are added.

Spread the starch glue water used earlier on water-color paper. 

Glue the cat on the paper. 

After the surface dried completely, scratch with the pointy tool very lightly so the pink color will appear nicely for the ears. 

Highlight the body with an eraser as needed. 

After adding more details and my signature (red stamp on bottom right), it is done! 

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